Nick 13 Strolls Down Memory Lane “In the Orchard”


There’s something wistful about the way Nick 13 sings — a blend of ‘50s pop and ‘60s country, yet with an ache and an urgency that puts his music in the here and now. The dreamy video for “In the Orchard” matches that longing in his voice beautifully.

The song may be familiar to fans of Nick 13’s other band, Tiger Army. However, he reimagined it for his self-titled solo debut, released in 2011 on Sugar Hill Records. He also directed the cinematic video, which stars the lovely model Mosh.

“I’ve thought about doing a video for this song since it was written. The idea kept calling to me over the years,” the California musician wrote on his Facebook page. “It was just for my own creative enjoyment, really, a chance to take a song I’d written and extend the art from one medium to another.”

Even though it’s brand new, the video somehow feels ready for a Throwback Thursday. Check out Nick 13’s “In the Orchard.”