Stoney LaRue Promises to Change in “First One to Know”


A veteran of the Texas/Oklahoma songwriting community, Stoney LaRue offers a heartfelt concession about his own shortcomings in his new video for “First One to Know.”

Sung in a warm, even vocal, LaRue stays close to the traditional country mold while admitting he hasn’t been himself lately. It’s quiet and contemplative and impressively self-aware.

Arriving on his upcoming album Aviator, LaRue says the mellow sound is a continuation of his last effort, Velvet.

“With Velvet, it was more of kind of like establishing a direction,” he told The Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City. “You know, kind of setting down a post and saying ‘This is my path’ type of thing, and I think this is just an extension of that, just getting a little further down it. It has a lot of similarities.”

In “First One to Know,” he says he’s been doing things he normally wouldn’t and feeling hated as a result. But all that’s over now, and LaRue wants to tell his love that once he gets back into shape, she’ll be the first to know.

In his straightforward video, LaRue works away at writing this very song. He puts pen to paper at home, in a diner and finally takes an elegant seat in an empty field to sing his admission.

Check out Stoney LaRue getting painfully honest in “First One to Know.”