Sean Rowe Lives the Natural Life of a “Madman”


With a rumbling baritone of a voice, nature-loving songwriter Sean Rowe delivers a thoughtful expression of his true self in “Madman,” the title track of his new album arriving Sept. 9.

Like he says in the opening line, “You can call me a madman, but I’m spoken for.”

“It’s a celebration into the madness of doing what I love,” Rowe tells CMT Edge via email. “Musically giving everything I’ve got to give to the world and, at the same time, being the deepest family man I can be. Trying to find a place where the rivers meet. It’s mad, but it’s where I’m going.”

Written with the momentum of a changing season, Rowe’s chorus is a plainspoken denunciation of modern life. But despite that, it feels eminently positive. And, in a way, you know he’s right.

“It’s the feeling of three days after Christmas morning when you’ve outplayed all your toys and you kinda want to spiritually vomit,” he elaborates. “You’re exhausted with all the manmade trappings, candy-coated pretense and the make-believe world of ‘dominion over nature.’

“That’s right when you need a strong shot glass full of earth and mud to bring you back to everything that’s forever nourishing to the spirit.”

In the video, Rowe explores the cities and countryside that his unusual tour schedule brings him to. In another example of the singer’s desire to connect with his world, his shows are mostly held in the living rooms of his fans or maybe in a family restaurant.

“I love the intimacy,” he says. “I love the stories I get to hear afterwards from the fans. I love the looks on their faces when they realize I’m not holding back anything.

“I’m going door-to-door and selling my feelings in a way. It’s strange, it’s beautiful, and it feels like I made the right move.”

Check out Sean Rowe’s video for “Madman” and see if it stirs something primal inside you.