Hear Zoe Muth’s “Make Me Change My Mind”


Five or six years ago, when Zoe Muth was living in Seattle, I stumbled upon her set at the Tractor Tavern on my beer-and-coffee vacation to the Pacific Northwest.

Something about her music really grabbed me — maybe because I didn’t expect to hear anything quite so traditional so far from home. Muth is a perceptive songwriter with a sly sense of humor, and there’s no mistaking the country influence in the series of fine albums she’s released since then.

These days, she’s cultivating an audience in Austin, although she’s been touring heavily behind her newest project, World of Strangers. Before wrapping up the first leg of her tour last month, she paused in Nashville to tape a performance of “Make Me Change My Mind” in the CMT studio.

“It’s sort of just like a hangover song, I guess,” Muth says with a laugh. “I mean, everybody’s probably had that experience of waking up someplace strange and trying to make your way home. … You know, you’re trying to find a phone, you’re trying to get a ride on a bus, and it’s just not working out.”

Muth and her band, the Lost High Rollers, will return to Nashville in September for an official showcase during the Americana Music Festival. Check out this CMT Edge live performance of “Make Me Change My Mind.”