Bahamas Muscles His Way Into “Stronger Than That”


Anchored by a purposeful, fuzzed-out rhythm guitar, “Stronger Than That” by Toronto-based artist Bahamas evokes the quiet reassurance of a beloved mentor.

“It’s a song about believing in someone, someone who doesn’t really believe in themselves,” Afie Jurvanen, the man behind the moniker, told Paste magazine. “It’s about encouragement, which is something I think we could often use more of.”

With knowing vocals and a bright, confident guitar lead from Jurvanen, the track is tailor-made to turn a frown upside down — much like its silly video.

Joining three oiled-up bodybuilders from Vernon, California, Jurvanen organizes his own “World’s Strongest Man” competition in a parking lot surrounded by heavy construction equipment. These guys are some of the most powerful men you’ll ever see, but even they have to deal with failure. And at least when you fail, it doesn’t involve dropping a huge boulder on your foot.

Arriving on his new album Bahamas Is Afie on Aug. 19, check out the encouraging — and smile-inducing — new video for “Stronger Than That.”