Caleb Caudle Writes a Love Song to New Orleans


New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Caleb Caudle explores what traveling does to the soul on his new album, Paint Another Layer on My Heart.

“I just want to connect with folks,” says Caudle on his website. “This album is about love and distance. That’s something I feel like most people have had to go through, something that was very much a part of my life this past year.”

After moving away from his native Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and then touring with his last project Tobacco Town for about a year, Caudle found himself ready to slow down.

On “Trade All the Lights,” a breathtaking love song on the new album, he and fellow Americana artist Lydia Loveless team up for a lonesome declaration of purpose.

“It was Easter Sunday of last year, and I was in Brooklyn,” Caudle told CMT Edge. “I had been on the road for a while at that point, and I was missing home about as much as someone can miss something. I remember loading out after the show and just thinking, ‘I would trade all of this just to have one night back home in New Orleans.’

“I scribbled down the line, ‘I would trade every last light in New York City to be there tonight with you in New Orleans’ on a Bojangles napkin that was left over from touring through the Carolinas. I finished the song in about 30 minutes the next day.”

With Loveless’ buoyant harmony vocal, “Trade All the Lights” becomes a passionate affair, full of crisp imagery and thick with longing. But whether Caudle’s true wish is for his city or his girl remains up for debate. His video for the song features gorgeous black-and-white shots of the Crescent City, highlighting the place as a character all its own.

“My buddy Brighton Linge shot and directed the video,” says Caudle. “We wanted it to feel like a love letter to New Orleans in the vein of Manhattan by Woody Allen. In the end, I suppose it’s not so much the place as it is the story you create there.”

Enjoy Caleb Caudle’s homesick ode to New Orleans in “Trade All the Lights.”