Concrete Country: Hugh Bob and the Hustle

hugh_bob_and_the_hustle_2708-540x340 Country fans and beer drinkers, please meet Hugh Bob and the Hustle, a promising new band that hails from the fine city of Milwaukee. On the Fourth of July, the guys played the city’s biggest shindig, Summerfest. Now they’re gearing up for gigs in Michigan, Ohio, New York and Iowa, by the end of the month. There’s also a show slated for tiny Butternut, Wisconsin, the hometown of the band’s principal singer-songwriter, Hugh Masterson. (Yep, his middle name is Robert.) Earlier this year, a few of us at CMT caught the group’s easygoing show at the Basement, a small club in Nashville. Maybe it was the brews talking, but we invited them to come down sometime to film Concrete Country. A few weeks later, they showed up on Lower Broadway and we let the cameras roll. In between songs, they were kind enough to hand out copies of their self-titled debut album to anybody who wanted one. And that’s how you draw a crowd, folks. The band takes pride in its Midwestern roots, but here’s hoping they’ll come back South. Enjoy the Concrete Country performances of “Blame Me,” “This Bar’s a Prison” and “Mess With Me” by Hugh Bob and the Hustle.