Goodnight, Texas Shoot “A Bank Robber’s Nursery Rhyme”



Led by a strutting banjo melody, Goodnight, Texas’ “A Bank Robber’s Nursery Rhyme” cashes in with the bravado of an original American outlaw.

“Like a lot of our songs, this one takes place long ago — when criminals used to dress up nice,” the band tells CMT Edge via email.

“You can take the song literally or not. It’s really about being young and wanting to be an impressive success, damn the torpedoes. You might say a bank robber is the most unabashed pursuer of the American dream.”

With a thumping bass for motivation, the band slowly works up its courage before a climactic bridge. You can imagine the posse in a brisk, single-minded walk toward the bank and then flinging the doors open. From there, it’s a flurry of desperate activity.

“Being a band trying to make it happen, we’ve basically lived in that frame of mind for years,” they admit. “Not of actually planning a heist with six-shooters but of being hungry for a piece of the proverbial pie.”

Filmed live in a tiny rehearsal space — instead of acted out to a track — the quartet’s video shows off their chops without requiring the guys to get into their Sunday best.

“We’ve done videos with (videographer) Matt Washburn before, and we’re huge fans of his finesse with the camera in a one-shot live video,” the band writes. “We love to play unplugged in a room together. It’s the most comfortable, natural feeling. We also liked the idea of leaving the interpretation of the lyrics up to the viewer. It’s kind of like watching the poem, as opposed to watching the Hollywood feature film.”

The metaphorical track comes off their second album, Uncle John Farquhar, out Aug. 5.

As Independence Day approaches, find out if your version of the American dream sounds like Goodnight, Texas and “A Bank Robber’s Nursery Rhyme.”