Twin Forks Find a Home Connection in “Back to You”


Twin Forks’ Chris Carrabba is a road warrior after more than a decade of fronting Dashboard Confessional at venues around the world. Still, there’s nothing quite like your comfort zone. That’s the message of “Back to You,” a standout track from his new band’s self-titled album.

“We all travel for making music, and it’s hard to be away. You’re always thinking about your connection to home,” Carrabba said. “Sometimes it’s through your guitar or your microphone or whatever. And then sometimes it’s about your connection to that audience and hoping that they’ll want you to be back there. Sometimes I even say this song’s about hoping you invite us back to you another time.”

For this acoustic session captured before the band’s Nashville gig, Carrabba is joined by talented sisters Kimmy and Kelsie Baron. The stripped-down arrangement lends an Americana vibe to Carrabba’s skillful songwriting — a development that’s been a long time coming. He has said Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt were two of his favorite songwriters growing up.

“When I started playing acoustic-based music, I wasn’t trying to avoid traditional folk because I didn’t love it. I just loved it so much and didn’t wanna do an injustice to it,” he said. “And I had other influences, and I thought, ‘Why can’t I combine this punk and hardcore feeling with this classic folk feeling?’ Because they were both such massive loves of mine.”

Naturally, the band’s on the road this summer with upcoming dates in the U.S. and Canada. Open your doors to Twin Forks and see their CMT Edge live performance of “Back to You.”