The SteelDrivers Set for Musicians Corner in Nashville


If you’re in Nashville this weekend, head over to Centennial Park on Saturday afternoon (June 21) for a free show by the SteelDrivers. Based in Nashville, they’ve got more grit than your traditional bluegrass band, yet their musical chops are on par with the best pickers in town. And they’re about record their fourth album, so there’s a chance you’ll hear some new tunes, too.

One of their most vocal supporters is Adele, who discovered them through her bus driver.

“They’re a blues, country, bluegrass, swagger band, and they are brilliant,” she has said. Plus, she recorded one of their early songs, “If It Hadn’t Been for Love,” for a deluxe edition of her Grammy-winning album, 21.

CMT Edge is the presenting sponsor of this week’s Musicians Corner show, which also features Commitment Bells, Nick D & the Believers and Erin Rae on the main stage, along with Mercy Child, Morgan Bosman and Jon Latham on the Lightning 100 Acoustic Stage.

Find out more about Musicians Corner, then enjoy this CMT Edge performance of the SteelDrivers’ “When You Don’t Come Home.”