The Loudermilks Look at the Stars in “Watch ‘Em Fall”


The Loudermilks take their show biz name from the Louvin Brothers’ given surname, while the ensemble’s self-titled debut album certainly draws on country music’s classic sound. Plus the band is built around two actual brothers — Alan and Chad Edwards — who were frontmen for the North Carolina band Lou Ford in the late 1990s.

Alan Edwards cites Roger Miller, Buck Owens and Hank Williams — as well as Randy Newman — as his most influential songwriters. But another kind of star influenced “Watch ‘Em Fall,” which Alan Edwards wrote while thinking back on his youth.

“When I was in college, in the late ‘80s, I took an astronomy class, and some of our classes were held at the school observatory,” he says. “I remember one class, in particular, looking through a telescope at Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to earth. Our professor explained that the light that we were seeing had left that galaxy 2.5 million years ago and that when you look at stars, you are looking into the past and some of the stars that you are seeing may already be dead. That thought blew my mind and really stuck with me over the years.”

He adds, “When I wrote ‘Watch ‘Em Fall’ a few years ago, I was going through a divorce or at least preparing for its inevitably. Although the song is not specifically about getting divorced, it was heavy on my mind at the time. I was talking with my daughter one night before bed about my experience looking at Andromeda and just the process of explaining it to her kinda put into perspective some of the things that I was experiencing in my own life.”

The Edwards brothers grew up in Cartersville, Ga., listening to country and classic rock stations. As a senior in high school, Alan Edwards discovered Album 88 college radio out of Athens, Ga., immediately broadening his musical tastes. All of those influences find their way into their album, The Loudermilks, especially in lyrics that detail the complications of a faltering relationship.

Nonetheless, Alan Edwards takes a positive approach to “Watch ‘Em Fall.” He says, “I guess the song, to me, is kinda about letting go of some hang-ups and looking at life with a broader view, realizing that all we really have is time, and most of us waste it on some pretty trivial pursuits.”

Now based in Charlotte, N.C., the band has lined up dates in their home state this month, along with gigs in New York City and Washington D.C. Hear the Loudermilks’ “Watch ‘Em Fall.”