Trampled by Turtles Try Slow and Steady in New Video


When bluegrass-rock alchemists Trampled by Turtles first emerged from Duluth, Minn., with their album Palomino, the band quickly earned a reputation for breakneck speed on songs like “Wait So Long.”

But now, as they prepare for the July 15 release of their new album, Wild Animals, singer Dave Simonett says they’ve headed in a new direction.

“We all tried to come into this thing extremely open-minded,” says Simonett about the new album. “How can we sound new to ourselves? I feel like the sound has changed and is changing, especially from Palomino to now. A lot of our reputation from even just a couple of years ago was that we were this fast band, which we can do, and we do that. But this record focused a little bit more on other aspects of our playing together.”

For “Are You Behind the Shining Star?” the Turtles trade in their string-busting aggression for a slower, daydreaming tempo and rich, layered textures. They back it up with a video filled with black-and-white photography and stop-motion filming.

It seems that while the pace may have slowed, the band’s creative juices are still pumping at full power. The Turtles head back home to Minnesota for shows in Moorhead and Duluth on June 27-28 before hitting the road again in July.

Enjoy Trampled by Turtles’ new sound with their video for “Are You Behind the Shining Star?”