Kent Goolsby Flirts With the Idea of Getting “Hitched”


Nashville-based songwriter Kent Goolsby has always looked for ways to fuse modern tastes with old-time music. After recently getting engaged, he says a whole new world of songs opened up to him.

“I’m just shy of 30, and it was one of those life experiences that I thought just wasn’t going to happen for me, and I was all right with that,” Goolsby told CMT Edge. “But once I met my fiancée, I became more comfortable with myself and my songwriting. She straightened me out, and that helped focus my craft. ‘Hitched’ was written quickly, and every word of it is true.”

With playful, flirty lyrics and a jaunty vibe, “Hitched” is a delightful case of a songwriter not taking himself too seriously.

“Most of my new songs have a good dose of humor,” he admitted. “I got pretty tired of long, dry narrative songs quite a while ago. I’m not into character studies. I like songs to have pop sensibility about them with humor and truth thrown in.”

Goolsby hits the mark on “Hitched” with catchy turns-of-phrase backed up with tender evidence of true love. When he first played the song for his fiancée, he knew it was a standout.

“She laughed so hard after the first line, I had to stop,” he recalled. “Then she was really touched by the line about her father in the second verse. That’s the spectrum of emotion I try to cover in every song.”

Shooting on the same grounds Miranda Lambert used for her “White Liar” video, Goolsby took a minimalistic approach to filming.

“My fiancée and I drove up to this place north of Nashville called Rock Castle to shoot our engagement pictures. It’s a historic property near the Cumberland River. Really gorgeous,” he said. “They had a gift shop that seemed out of place, and I was in there enjoying the air conditioning and noticed a picture of Miranda Lambert on the wall. The curator told me that Miranda had done a huge production video there.

“I asked him how much it would cost for me to shoot there, and he started asking about what catering service I was going to use, lighting company, etc. I laughed and explained to him that this was a one-man operation. That one man is my good friend Joey Kneiser (of the band Glossary) who also recorded and played drums on ‘Hitched.’ I think it turned out pretty well for a couple of friends hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.”

Check out the CMT Edge world premiere of Kent Goolsby’s “Hitched.”