Hook & Anchor Get a Grip on “Famously Easy”


The Portland, Ore.-based band Hook & Anchor like to joke that they’ve had more shows than rehearsals. Even so, the roaming roots-rock on their self-titled debut is tightly wound, like the band has been together for years.

Hook & Anchor feature three members of the indie folk group Blind Pilot (Kati Claborn, Ryan Dobrowski and Luke Ydstie) and two other seasoned musicians (Erik Clampitt and Gabrielle Macrae). The project started when Claborn realized she was sitting on a huge stack of new songs that didn’t fit the Blind Pilot mold and set out to remedy the situation.

“Famously Easy” finds a couple transitioning out of the burning fire of young love and into a life of babies and bills and too little sleep.

“I definitely think of ‘Famously Easy’ as a love song,” Claborn tells CMT Edge. “It’s just not the starry-eyed, heart-exploding, new-love variety. This is the love that emerges when you trade in the freedom of youth for the burdens and beauty of a lasting relationship, which is no small thing.”

A poppy, steel guitar-colored montage, the song is sung by Claborn (there are three other singers in the band) and carries just a hint of darkness as her characters wonder what happened to their once-perfect romance.

“I think anytime we look on someone else’s life with admiration, there are a huge range of emotions involved,” she explains. “Envy certainly finds it way it there. We imagine other’s lives to be better than our own with such ease. It’s human nature to simplify love, cut out the ups and downs, project that onto others and want it for your own.”

Hook & Anchor will release their self-titled album on July 22. See if you can relate to their journey with the CMT Edge premiere of “Famously Easy.”