Johnnyswim Make a Lovely First Impression in “Home”


When husband-and-wife duo Johnnyswim step onstage to introduce their blend of soul and folk, they like to explain exactly where they’re coming from.

“‘Home’ is the first thing we play for new listeners,” says the band’s Abner Ramirez. “It’s a song that connects quickly, especially live. It’s become our calling card.”

With autobiographical lyrics, ringing acoustic guitar and an optimistic view on life and love, “Home” makes a compelling first impression whether you’re a homebody or an explorer at heart: “I was bruised and beaten/Lost for many reasons/Only love would make you understand/Oh, I love me some home.”

The duo’s debut album is titled Diamonds, which Amanda Sudano-Ramirez says came from a conversation she had at the beginning of her singing career.

“One of the three most important things I got from college was something my friend said to me, ‘No pressure, no diamonds,’” she explains.

With that mantra in mind, the video for “Home” shines. The photogenic couple could pass for actors in a summer romantic comedy — barely keeping their hands off each other at the beach, on a boardwalk pier and in a Camaro convertible.

Home might be their ultimate destination, but Johnnyswim have plenty of time to miss it with tour dates scheduled into October, including the Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville, Ky., Lollapalooza in Chicago and the ACL Music Festival in Austin.

Check out the happy couple and their uplifting video for “Home.”