Seth Walker Finds “Trouble” in New Orleans


It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard new music from blues singer Seth Walker, but he’s back with a sleek new video, “Trouble (Don’t Want No).” After some time in Nashville, the soulful singer-songwriter is based in New Orleans these days, and you can hear the Crescent City’s creativity coursing through his upcoming album, Sky Still Blue.

“All the moves I’ve made have been so that I can be around new influences centered around music,” Walker says. “I’ve always loved New Orleans, and it definitely brought back a bit of the rough edge that got a little spit-shined on the albums that I did in Nashville. This one’s got some gristle on it, some push and pull, some funky stuff and some of that Caribbean influence that New Orleans has.”

Walker enlisted the Wood Brothers’ Oliver Wood to produce the project. Special guests include Chris Wood and Jano Rix (also of the Wood Brothers), as well as rich vocals from Brigette DeMeyer and the McCrary Sisters. Walker’s well-traveled bandmates — bassist Steve Mackey and drummer Derrek Phillips — lend their groove to the album, too.

The son of classical musicians, Walker grew up in rural North Carolina on a two-family commune. An uncle in Jacksonville, Fla., frequently sent him blues and jazz tapes, and as an inspired young man, Walker headed to the Sunshine State to make a go of a performing career, but it didn’t take.

Luckily, Walker knew about Texas country because of the commune’s other residents, so next he tried Austin. The foundation he built there as a live performer continues to serve him well. Following the release of Sky Still Blue on June 10, he’ll spend the month traversing the Southeast before heading to Colorado for a couple of gigs in July.

Check out Seth Walker’s “Trouble (Don’t Want No).”