Blue Mother Tupelo Lose the Cent in “Penny Roll”


When’s the last time you heard a cheerful song about losing money?

In Blue Mother Tupelo’s “Penny Roll,” the couple’s copper coin has fallen to the ground unnoticed. Rather than go back and look for it, Ricky and Micol Davis figure it will brighten somebody’s day to find it. And maybe even bring a stranger a little luck.

That optimistic spirit and sense of community is a common theme of Only Sunshine, the duo’s new album recorded in their home studio in Hendersonville, Tenn. They’ll celebrate the release with a pair of shows around home this weekend — Saturday (May 24) at the Listening Room in downtown Nashville, then Sunday at Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s spring music festival in Crawford, Tenn.

“We want to reach as many hungry music lovers as possible with Only Sunshine and make a soulful connection with the listeners and their hearts, and we’d love to meet many music lovers along the way of our lives’ journeys,” the Davises said. “We definitely want people to know that our music actually exists so that they are given a chance to hear it, live with it, turn it up and play it!”

Capturing the coziness of their concerts, Blue Mother Tupelo draw on a natural blend of country, folk and blues for Only Sunshine, their first album in five years. Check out “Penny Roll.”