Charlie Daniels Gets “Tangled Up” With Bob Dylan


In his brand new music video, Charlie Daniels looks like he’s been singing Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” his whole career. The country star says he wanted to leave his own musical mark on the songs he chose for the recent covers album, Off the Grid — Doin’ It Dylan.

“We tried to make it different. I didn’t want to do Charlie Daniels Does Bob Dylan,” he told CMT Edge. “I wanted The Charlie Daniels Band Does Bob Dylan Songs. The only thing we literally took were the songs — the melody and the lyrics. We didn’t copy the arrangements. We didn’t copy the tempos. We didn’t even copy the beats, in some ways.”

Daniels’ profile as a musician rose by recording 1970’s Nashville Skyline with Dylan. Today, Daniels and band give their version of “Tangled Up in Blue” a bit more urgency than Dylan did, starting with a swift backbeat and an enthusiastic reading of the title line. Add in some sawing fiddle leads and boogie piano, and it sounds like Daniels accomplished his goal.

Sprinkled with behind-the-scenes and performance footage, check out the Charlie Daniels Band following in the footsteps of Bob Dylan in their video for “Tangled Up in Blue.”