Driftwood Blaze Through “The Sun’s Going Down”


We’ve all seen that couple at the bar — that tense twosome who’s maybe just a little bit tipsy. The Binghamton, N.Y., string band Driftwood bring those characters to life in “The Sun’s Going Down,” a fun number from their self-titled third album.

“When I wrote ‘The Sun’s Going Down,’ it all came out of a love for the classic country duet and the idea of a woman and a man having trouble at the bar, getting in a fight and the guy taking off and going home early,” the band’s Dan Forsyth says.

Trading verses with Forsyth is fiddler Claire Byrne, who shreds on a solo while representing the ladies. Bassist Joe Arcuri and banjo player-songwriter Joe Kollar round out the ensemble.

The band resume their tour Friday (May 16) at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh with plenty of dates scheduled through July. Describing their live set, Kollar says, “We take ‘em on a ride — kind of up and down, left and right and all around. And by the end of it, they feel like they went on a nice little roller coaster.”

Check out the CMT Edge live premiere of Driftwood’s “The Sun’s Going Down.”