Australia’s Falls Bring “Home” a Bit of Sparkle


How does spending every day traveling with your ex sound?

That’s the reality for Australian duo Falls, who have found a way to channel their once-romantic spark into beautiful tapestries like “Home,” a track from their debut EP Into the Fire.

Made up of Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown, the duo say that like many musicians chasing their dreams in faraway places, the lure of home is always just beneath the surface.

“When you spend so much time on the road away from home, you often come to value it so much more,” they told CMT Edge via email. “The fact that so many musicians write about it is a nice sign that even when we are away from it, home is never far from our thoughts.”

Falls are based in the U.S. now, making a quick trip home all but impossible.

“It was quite a difficult time for us personally when we wrote this song, and the song speaks a lot about escape,” they say. “I guess when things get difficult, the search for your real home becomes even more present in your life.”

In contrast to their homesickness, Falls sing over a lighter-than-air melody buoyed with acoustic guitar and everyone’s favorite instrument beginning with the letter “x.”

“Yes, there is a xylophone in there!” they exclaim. “We use it sparingly but love the way it can add a little bit of sparkle or brightness to a song. We often travel light when we’re on the road, and it’s an instrument that fits into even the smallest suitcase.”

Check out Falls’ dreamy lyric video for “Home,” which in the words of the band show how “home can be so many things.”