Imelda May Creates a Monster in “It’s Good to Be Alive”


Rockabilly fans: Things are looking up! Imelda May’s newest video, “It’s Good to Be Alive,” is a straight-up blast, Daddy-O.

The Irish-born singer began performing at age 16 after discovering Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent in her older brother’s cassette collection. Though she skipped formal music training, she immediately started her rock ‘n’ roll education the old-fashioned way, even getting kicked out of her own shows a few times for being underage.

“I got really obsessed about going to those clubs even though I was way too young to be allowed in,” she says on her Facebook page. “The security guards would turn a blind eye because they knew I was just there for the music.”

She’s now a bona fide sensation in Ireland and the U.K. with four albums to her credit and ready to bridge the gap to American audiences.

In the video for “It’s Good to Be Alive,” from her latest album, Tribal, May imagines what it would be like if the Bride of Frankenstein was literally made to be his housewife. Of course, everything starts off rosy, but soon Frankie succumbs to the drudgery of terrifying villagers day after day and ends up neglecting his pretty little wife.

May’s pristine vocals and classic beauty make her a perfect fit for the throwback genre, but it’s her natural ability in front of a camera that shines brightest here.

She’s currently touring in Ireland, France, the U.K. and Spain and will make her way stateside for a string of shows this summer. Tribal will be released July 29 in the U.S.

Check out Imelda May’s monstrous enthusiasm and her swinging new video for “It’s Good to Be Alive.”