Noah Gundersen Sees a Spark Burn Out in “Cigarettes”


Noah Gundersen’s intriguing new video for “Cigarettes” has a bit of a voyeuristic quality to it. The viewer watches as a complicated story plays out between a ballet dancer and her helplessly love-struck boyfriend.

“Relationships are a dance — floating around each other and, often times, colliding,” Gundersen tells CMT Edge. “There are ups and downs. Hearts bend and break. It’s messy, yet we continue in them because there are moments of overwhelming light.”

Those moments of blinding light are obvious in his video, but there’s also a tension present, which is where the comparison to cigarettes comes in. Gundersen was originally inspired by a clever text message that became the song’s opening line.

“The analogy came so naturally that it mostly wrote itself,” he reveals. “I started the creation process by free-writing comparisons to my on-again, off-again smoking habit. Everything seemed to fall into place over the course of about 30 minutes. As with most songs I write, I was trying to express the most honest, basic truths of a situation.”

Check out Seattle’s Noah Gundersen on “Cigarettes,” a track from his latest album, Ledges.