New Country Rehab Bring Nashville “Home to You”


New Country Rehab hail from Canada, yet they’ve made Americana inroads by touring the U.S. over the last few years. On their way through Nashville earlier this month, they dropped by the CMT studio to film a performance of “Home to You.”

The bittersweet song calls to mind a Glen Campbell vibe from the 1970s, but the message is timeless for a traveling musician with a family back home.

Singer-songwriter John Showman explained that “Home to You” started out as a poem, which he intended to keep just for personal use.

“I was on a ferry going to Vancouver Island from the mainland, and I’d been away from home for a while,” Showman said. “I was watching all these dock birds, and I started writing this song about birds and it made me feel a little lonely watching them fly out against the cold, grey seas.”

Later on, he was jamming with the band when a melody started to take shape, enhanced by a nifty guitar hook and a rhythmic undercurrent. And the music reminded him of that ferry ride.

“I thought, ‘This has a lonesome feeling to it and it would suit those words,’ so I just went back to it and started working on it,” Showman said. “It sort of became a song about how much I miss my wife and my boys when I’m on the road.”

New Country Rehab return to the U.S. in May with shows in Colorado, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Check out the exclusive CMT Edge performance of “Home to You.”