Dan Wilson Makes a Decision to “Love Without Fear”


Dan Wilson wrote nearly all the songs on his new album, Love Without Fear, by himself, yet he decided to bring in some friends to brighten up the recording sessions. Natalie Maines lends a beautiful harmony to the title track which offers an empowering message and an appealing melody.

“‘Love Without Fear’ — it’s the title song of the record, but it didn’t start out that way,” Wilson says. “It really started out as a very spontaneous response to a conflict I had with a close friend of mine. I had this conversation that just got more and more confusing, and I didn’t understand what was going wrong.”

He adds, “When my friend and I parted — sadly at that time — I realized that he was just really afraid of certain things that he thought I was going to do or that were going to happen. His feeling of being afraid took over the whole conversation, the whole interaction. And I guess I wrote the song right after that, thinking that what I wanted to do in my relationship with him was just love him fearlessly and have him do that in return.”

When it comes to songs about feeling unloved or unwanted, Wilson is an expert. Two selections from his impressive catalog are Adele’s “Someone Like You” and the Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice,” which he co-wrote with the artists. He’s also the voice and writer of Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” a 1998 pop hit about being unattached (and maybe a little desperate).

Upon debuting the song “Love Without Fear” online at USA Today, Wilson said, “Hope is a distant melody in a bunch of the songs. But it’s always there. The desire to connect, to reach out and not be alone is strong in the songs.”

Check out Dan Wilson’s “Love Without Fear” with special guest Natalie Maines.