Lera Lynn Looks for Middle Ground in “Lying in the Sun”


Just beyond downtown Nashville lies a neighborhood known as Music Row, home to record labels, publishers, management companies and more. The area inspired Lera Lynn to write “Lying in the Sun,” the thoughtful title track of her latest EP.

“Well, I live right by Music Row. Every day, I’m reminded of how much business is involved in music and how little art is,” she tells CMT Edge. “The song was written to myself, sort of trying to find the middle ground between the two. I know so many musicians struggle with that same battle.”

Lynn filmed the evocative video for “Lying in the Sun” in a very old house she and her boyfriend are renovating.

“The shoot lasted 13 hours, straight,” she says. “I think we left the house at 3 a.m. And to make the shoot work with all of the players (played by me), we couldn’t move the camera, which meant I had to get into each look twice. That’s eight costume changes in one day! Also, for the slow-motion shots, we sped the track way up for me to play to. I don’t really consider myself a drummer, I’m mediocre, at best, so playing the track three times faster was quite a challenge.”

Fortunately, Lynn should have an easier time when she performs at the Stagecoach festival in Indio, Calif., later this month. With that event’s mix of Americana and classic country — not to mention all the stars with ties to Music Row — Lynn should fit right in.

“I grew up listening to classic country, so there’s undoubtedly a strong influence from it on my songwriting,” she says. “I think my feel and inflection is most noticeably influenced however. My lyrics tend to go a little left-of-center.”

Of course, many Americana listeners wouldn’t have it any other way. Take a look at Lera Lynn’s brand new video for “Lying in the Sun.”