Milk Carton Kids Bring a Little “New York” to Ohio


The Milk Carton Kids revive the essence of coffeehouse folk in their intimate new DVD, Live From Lincoln Theater, available April 29.

Singer-guitarists Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan met in their hometown of Eagle Rock, Calif., in 2011 and found they had a similar vision for contemporary folk music. With songs that are elegant yet unadorned, they’ve captivated attentive audiences around the world with just two voices and two guitars.

In this excerpt from the Lincoln Theater concert, the quick-picking duo display their close-harmony style and gentle musical flow on the song “New York,” from their Grammy-nominated album, The Ash & Clay.

The Lincoln Theater is in Columbus, Ohio, but that doesn’t diminish the portrait they paint of running away to the Big Apple or the rousing response they get from the crowd. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of the Milk Carton Kids performing “New York” from Live From Lincoln Theater.