Marc Scibilia Stands Out in “Shining Like America”


Marc Scibilia moved to Nashville from Buffalo, N.Y., just one month after graduating from high school. Although his dreams to be songwriter were ambitious, he only had $300 in his bank account and struggled to get by.

“I had no money when I started out in Nashville. I was just living in a drum closet of a recording studio, and for some reason I was watching this beauty pageant on TV,” he says. “It was dark times. I was like, what would it be like to meet up with a girl like Miss Tennessee?”

That thought found its way into the narrative of “Shining Like America,” a highlight of his EP titled The Shape I’m In. And since his move to Music City, he’s found success with songs like “How Bad We Need Each Other,” which has been featured on VH1’s Rehab and Fox’s Bones.

Along with placement on CMT Pure, Scibilia is getting some radio airplay for “Shining Like America,” too, as you can see in his new music video. He’s also hitting the road next week, with shows at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Ga., on April 17 and Iron City Birmingham in Birmingham, Ala., on April 18.

Check out Marc Scibilia’s “Shining Like America.”