The Avett Brothers Await Heartbreak in “Morning Song”


The Avett Brothers, masters of minimalism that they are, have never needed a flashy video to make their music interesting. They’ve proved it once again with “Morning Song,” a straightforward clip produced by Hollywood director and comedic guru Judd Apatow.

With just Seth on guitar and Scott on banjo, the video begins with the two brothers weaving a hypnotizing blend of string and harmony inside a studio before transitioning out to a rail yard and capturing sleepy shots of winter in the American South.

As they sing with broken hearts, their video imparts a feeling of stillness — like the whole world has stopped spinning. Looking forward to a fresh start in the morning is typical advice from a well-meaning friend, but how do you explain that with each new day comes the threat that your love may finally decide it’s over for good?

Explore the serene heartbreak of the Avett Brothers’ “Morning Song,” from the album Magpie and the Dandelion.