The Lone Bellow Capture “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold”


One of the Lone Bellow’s strongest attributes is undeniably their sweaty, heart-filled shows. The Brooklyn-based folk trio leaves nothing on the table whether performing for thousands of fans or 10 curious coffee drinkers in a café.

So when they decided to make a video for the soaring singalong “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold,” capturing that energy and soul was priority No. 1. But after four days of filming and hours upon hours of footage, director Ryan Booth still felt like something was missing.

Then, standing outside a venue in Opelika, Ala., on the final day of shooting, inspiration struck.

“There was only a couple of minutes before the band was going to start the show,” Booth wrote on his blog. “So I ran to the green room to find Zach [Williams, the band’s lead singer] and quickly pitched the idea: ‘What if, after the encore, you told everyone to come outside with you guys and you play ‘Green Eyes’ with the entire crowd from tonight? Like a secret show or something?’ His eyes lit up. ‘I love it.’”

That final shot became the beginning of the video, as well as the missing piece that tied everything together.

“Beyond the immediacy of the moment, I feel like it really captured something about the band,” Booth wrote. “The Lone Bellow is the kind of band that you would follow into the middle of the street because they asked, sure, but they are the kind of band that creates community out of strangers absolutely everywhere they go. And until this moment, that fact was something that was missing from the video.”

Watch the Lone Bellow work their magic in “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold.”