Moot Davis Is Ready to Rebound in “Goin’ in Hot”


The first thing you hear in Moot Davis’ “Goin’ in Hot” is a twangy, cowpunkish guitar lead that jumps right out of the speakers. An instant later, it’s joined by a throaty horn section.

It’s the perfect combination of the musician’s New Jersey roots and his honky-tonk fascination. Written on the heels of bad breakup, Davis lets it all hang out. Time to get back on the horse.

“I was visiting my parents in New Jersey and I was down in the basement messing around with the guitar when I wrote ‘Goin’ in Hot,’” the handsome singer tells CMT Edge. “The song was written around the opening riff. Once I had that, I let my recent breakup of a long-term relationship fill in the lyrics.”

The song leads Davis’ new album of the same name, arriving April 15 on Crow Town Records. Produced by guitarist Kenny Vaughan, the collection also features a duet with newcomer Nikki Lane. The completed sessions were salvaged from a hard drive after a fire engulfed the studio where the album was recorded. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

“‘Goin’ in Hot’ originally started off as just a song to help me work through a breakup,” he says. “I had no idea at the time it was going to become the title track. The song was done in just about 10 minutes. Now we’re playing it every night on the current U.S. tour.”

After touring all across the country this spring, Davis returns to his native New Jersey for several shows in April. Watch him get psyched up for the rebound in “Goin’ in Hot.”