Truth & Salvage Co. Draw a Crowd in Downtown Nashville


Listening to Truth & Salvage Co. always puts me in a cheerful mood. With original material that is both melodic and meaningful, they are one of my go-to groups for kicking back after a long day or for getting recharged on a road trip.

“We like to give people a sense of hope and make people happy and inspired to go out and live another day — to feel a sense of community,” says Walker Young, one of six guys in the band. “That’s what we are onstage. We’re best friends, and I think people see that and they carry away that feeling of camaraderie.”

For the latest Concrete Country session, the ensemble set up just a block from the CMT offices in downtown Nashville, amid the honky-tonk hubbub of Lower Broadway. Naturally, they attracted a crowd.

The band’s newest album is Pick Me Up. Enjoy an exclusive performance of the title track, as well as “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” and “Appalachian Hilltop,” on Concrete Country.