Brett Dennen Won’t Grow Up in “When We Were Young”


I suspect a lot of people can relate to these lines in Brett Dennen’s sun-dappled “When We Were Young”: “High school was a catastrophe/It was a failure factory.”

But with time comes perspective, and now Dennen looks back on those times with fondness, especially the feeling that anything was possible and adulthood was a long way off. Why not keep living that way?

When the Northern California native stopped by the CMT offices recently to perform the song, he mentioned that a video was on the way — and that he waited until the last possible moment to figure out how to shoot it. Kids these days …

He and his crew ended up going to a local Elks club and hanging with a bunch of line dancers. Not exactly a picture of youthful vibrancy, but then again, maybe those folks are trying to recapture a bit of their glory days, too.

Check out Brett Dennen and some “sassy steppers” in his nostalgic video for “When We Were Young.”