Greyhounds Seek Answers in “What’s On Your Mind”

Zack Littlefield/Shimmer Ready Productions

With crisp suits and a quietly cool demeanor, Greyhounds strip soul and R&B down to their essential elements in “What’s On Your Mind.”

“This song is all about beauty in simplicity,” says guitarist Andrew Trube. “With so much musical static out there today, this is just a good, solid groove and a story that everyone can relate to.”

Made up of Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell, the Austin-based duo paints a moody portrait. Framed by a lethargic backbeat, minimalist guitar riff and Farrell’s throaty vocal, the story finds a guy frustrated by the age-old divide between men and women.

Aesthetically, it feels like a throwback to the past that’s taking place in the future. According to the band, most of that is by design.

“I have always liked old things as far back as I can remember. My guitars and amps are all older than me, but not out of coolness. More out of necessity,” Trube says.

“Growing up in East Texas, all my buds were listening to Nirvana and Soundgarden. I was listening to Albert King and Buck Owens,” he adds. “I feel that the reason for the ‘old’ is me and Anthony’s influences growing up, and the ‘new’ is our quest to create a fusion of what we are learning in the now.”

The commitment to their influences shows up in their clothing, too. They dress to impress in the video for “What’s On Your Mind,” wearing matching suits and dark ties that contrast the urban decay of their film’s setting.

“Farrell and I have been playing together for 15 years,” Trube says. “Over that time, we have come to realize that presentation is very important. You don’t wanna wear flip-flops and shorts to a job interview. If you want people to take you seriously, you must first take yourself seriously.

“The music and our art is very important to us. It means everything to us. So why not wear a suit? Whenever I have prepared myself for something important, I dress nice. Greyhounds are important.”

Their new album, Accumulator, arrives April 8. In the meantime, explore the past, present and future of soul music with Greyhounds’ gritty video for “What’s On Your Mind,” filmed by Zack Littlefield of Shimmer Ready Productions.