The Tillers Come Home to Cincinnati’s “Old Westside”


If you’ve ever settled in for a night at the neighborhood tavern, you’ll probably enjoy hearing the Tillers’ fun, thoughtful tune, “Old Westside.” The bright banjo-picking gives the song a lively feel, while the lyrics convey the unpredictability of a traveling musician’s life. But there’s one thing you can count on. When things slow down, it’s time to go hang out with the ones you love.

Comprised of Mike Oberst and brothers Sean and Aaron Geil, the Tillers hail from Cincinnati. However, they spent many nights on the road in 2013 opening for kindred spirit Pokey LaFarge. With a customized microphone stand in tow, the trio dropped by CMT over the winter to sing us a nifty song about their home turf, right there by the river, the train tracks and the highway.

Check out the Tillers’ CMT Edge live performance of “Old Westside.”