Trisha Yearwood Knows the Score in “This Is Me You’re Talking To”


Here’s hoping we’ll hear new music from Trisha Yearwood soon, now that she’s back on tour and plotting her relocation from Oklahoma to Nashville.

The classy singer set the bar high in 2008 with the sweeping ballad, “This Is Me You’re Talking To.” To me, it’s a neat contrast between that tiny voice in her head and the big, soaring vocal she shares with the world.

In the cinematic video, actor-singer John Corbett (loosely) conducts an orchestra for a film score while Yearwood eyes the footage — and Corbett — to get the emotion in her delivery just right. Although their romance has flickered out, Yearwood still recognizes that nervous smile. Some people never go off script.

Enjoy an encore screening of Trisha Yearwood’s “This Is Me You’re Talking To.”