The Saint Johns Stand Out in “Your Head and Your Heart”


Few emotional struggles are more raw and all-encompassing than the one between the head and heart, making it fertile ground for the mining of songs. But the Saint Johns — the thoughtful duo of Florida natives Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith — may have said all there is to say with the aptly titled “Your Head and Your Heart.”

Taking an equally raw musical approach, the duo performed it in a stripped-down setting for CMT Edge.

Their mournful song is sung from both perspectives as a couple helplessly watches a relationship go down the tubes, yet it’s clear that neither really wants to end it. Through whispering harmonies and tastefully downtrodden electric guitar leads, the duo inhabits a place where the head says it’s over and you can’t take any more, while the heart begs to stay and think of the good times.

Enjoy the CMT Edge live performance of “Your Head and Your Heart,” a stand-out track from the Saint Johns’ debut EP, Open Water.