The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney Finds Help in “Dad Says”


Actress and singer-songwriter Emily Kinney often accounts for the only escape her co-stars can find in the bleak, post-zombie apocalypse imagined in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Kinney, who plays Beth Greene on the hit series, frequently sings to keep hope alive among her group of survivors. On March 18, she’ll put out a rootsy, cleverly-titled EP titled Expired Love.

“I like writing songs and I like acting, so I try to do both as much as possible,” she tells CMT Edge. “I don’t have any agenda to rule the world or win any awards. I just like making stuff and want to be able to support myself making music and acting in cool projects.”

“Dad Says,” the first single from the project, was inspired by a real-life breakup with her pot-smoking boyfriend. He’s just a little “chill” about her needs, so she goes to her father for support. Even though the boyfriend turned out to be a deadbeat, Kinney herself is anything but lazy.

“I don’t know what drives me to do anything,” she says about her busy creative lifestyle. “But here we are on Earth, and if there is something you actually enjoy doing with your time, then you should do it.”

The Nebraska native will be showcasing this week at South by Southwest in Austin. Check out the slouchy vibes of Emily Kinney’s “Dad Says” on CMT Edge.