The Easy Leaves “Crack Another Bottle” for Bakersfield


Northern California’s the Easy Leaves are a duo that channel the very essence of honky-tonk in their new video for “Crack Another Bottle.”

“To me, it’s sort of the opposite of self-medicating,” says guitarist Sage Fifield about the song. “It’s like, things are good overall, but still it’s fun to tie one on. Just another lovely pastime.”

With the refrain of “feelin’ good ain’t good enough this time,” the band found the perfect location to shoot the video for their boozy number — Twin Oaks Tavern in Penngrove, Calif.

“Twin Oaks has been open as a roadhouse for 90 years, and that is something special in itself,” says bass player Kevin Carducci. “It’s been a honky-tonk juke joint for a good spell of that, apparently with a lull in the ‘80s and ‘90s when it was said to be a pretty rough biker bar.

“Playing country music in a spot like that just feels right,” he continued. “It’s those exact kind of places that originally churned out that raw honky-tonk sound that has come to be identified with Bakersfield and California country music. Those kinds of roadhouses played a huge role in the development of the music we love. In my mind, you really can’t have one without the other.

“Of course, over the years, a lot of these old spots have closed down with many of them no longer standing, which is a damn shame. Though it does make it all the more special to see one like Twin Oaks thriving and keeping that history and spirit alive.”

Watch the Easy Leaves do their part to keep classic honky-tonk alive by shaking Twin Oaks Tavern to its foundation in their new video for “Crack Another Bottle.”