Concrete Country: The Wild Feathers


The Wild Feathers are one of the most buzzed-about bands in Nashville, but the thing is, the guys are road warriors. It’s pretty rare to actually catch them on their home turf. (When they unexpectedly swiped Deacon Claiborne’s gig on ABC’s Nashville a few weeks ago, he dismissed them as the Tail Feathers. Ouch!)

As winter was getting underway last year, CMT grabbed the band just before another gig in town. We set up at Barista Parlor in East Nashville and invited fans to come listen. Don’t let the surroundings fool you, though. This isn’t coffee house music in the folk sense. Instead, the band blends their rock, pop, country, soul and songwriting influences into an appealing presentation. Plus, every singer gets a chance to step out, stemming from camaraderie rather than competition.

Check out these exclusive live performances of “The Ceiling,” “Got It Wrong” and “Left My Woman” on CMT’s Concrete Country.