Chuck Ragan Lets Sparks Fly on “Something May Catch Fire”


Veteran folk musician and punk rocker Chuck Ragan has learned over the years that with two people and enough friction, sparks are bound to fly.

His steamy new love song, “Something May Catch Fire,” celebrates the blinding passion of young love which, for Ragan, has never cooled with age.

“I feel very blessed and lucky-as-can-be to have a wonderful woman in my corner that’s worth fighting for,” he tells CMT Edge by email. “It’s easy to find inspiration when you’re with someone you fall in love with over and over again throughout your lives.”

With his trademark breathy growl dialed down to a knowing whisper, Ragan croons about how much damage a couple of teens can do in a few hours. After 28 years of making music, his idea of true love hasn’t changed much at all.

“I remember writing love songs as a kid and pouring my heart into the songs,” he says. “I wasn’t the player or the singer that I am today, but my heart was still in it.”

In the video for the song, he narrates as a little boy and girl grow up together, skin their knees, share their first kisses and eventually become a real couple.

“I was very pleased and impressed with the outcome [cinematographer] Dannel Escallon and the Anthem Films crew ended up with,” Ragan says. “I felt they captured an essence of love that we’ve all known ourselves or have dreamed of knowing one day. They created a story inspired by this song that showed when love is true, every moment of it is cherished and lived to the fullest within the time that’s given.”

Enjoy Chuck Ragan’s tender celebration of love, “Something May Catch Fire,” the lead track on his new album Till Midnight.