The Far West Give Up Looking on “The Bright Side”


In a dusty roadhouse jukebox where moody indie rock meets upbeat country shuffle, you’ll find “The Bright Side,” a weary jam of contrasts by the Far West.

According to the L.A.-based band’s website, the song is a “fist in the air anthem for days when you wish the rest of the world would just f**k off already.”

Inspired by a grueling summer festival gig, songwriter and bassist Robert Black says the track needed to be a little ironic just so the band could stand it.

“Originally, it was a slower folk song, but by putting it to faster-tempo music, it kept it from being too much of a downer,” he tells CMT Edge. “We like sad songs because they make you feel a little less alone in the world, and we like fast songs because you can dance to them. This song is a bit of both.”

Interestingly, the music was recorded in a Southern California vintage hot rod shop. Surrounded by custom Camaros and chopped T-Buckets for the sessions, Black says an extra splash of SoCal attitude polished off their new album, Any Day Now.

For “The Bright Side” video, the band chose a more welcoming space.

“The Grand Ole Echo is a country and Americana music institution in Los Angeles,” says Black. “It’s been running every Sunday in the summers for almost a decade. We play it once a year, and we couldn’t believe no one had used it as a backdrop for a video yet. It’s got a family kinda vibe for us and we wanted to try to capture that.”

Check out the Far West and their extended family dancing the blues away in “The Bright Side.”