Catie Curtis Crosses Her Fingers on “Maybe Tomorrow”


Listening to Catie Curtis’ lovely song “Maybe Tomorrow,” you have to wonder. Does the narrator have an unrequited crush, or is she delusional?

“We were playing with two ideas,” says Curtis, who wrote the song with Kristen Hall. “One was the idea of a restless, possibly jealous person who always feels like they are never quite where they want to be. The other was the more hopeful idea of someone full of longing that holds real possibility. We went with the second scenario.”

For listeners who appreciate the craft of well-placed details, “Maybe Tomorrow” offers an abundance of imagery, from a glowing light in the alley to a box that ends up at the wrong door.

“I think we both love that kind of detail,” Curtis adds. “One of us will say ‘light left on … stumble down the alleyway,’ and the other will say ‘vagabond who missed the parade.’ We’ll laugh like that couldn’t be the line and then realize, hey, that works!”

First emerging on Boston’s folk scene, Curtis has been releasing albums for 25 years, with the latest one, Flying Dream, touching down Tuesday (Feb. 25). Even now, she welcomes that creative buzz when lyrical inspiration strikes.

“I get pretty excited, like a kid with her first idea ever,” she says. “Sometimes I feel that way, and it’s a false positive. … I have to keep going after I thought I’d gotten it. But I live for those moments when a good idea emerges. It’s a pretty freakin’ amazing experience, especially when you are co-writing.”

Check out Catie Curtis’ “Maybe Tomorrow.”