The Infamous Stringdusters Loosen Up and “Let It Go”


The Infamous Stringdusters commit to a “live-and-let-live” philosophy in their newest release, “Let It Go.”

Arriving April 1 on an album of the same name, fiddler, singer and co-writer Jeremy Garrett says the comforting tune came along after he decided not to take a stand on every issue he saw.

“There are some things that I feel I understand well and can take that stand,” he told CMT Edge in an email exchange. “Other things, especially if I don’t understand them, are just better if I can let them go, at least until I can understand them more fully and appreciate how my thoughts and opinions make other people feel.”

Are you listening, Internet?

“Sometimes we all worry about some of the things going on in this world that we may not personally understand and it clouds our ability to let our love light shine,” Garrett adds. “That’s when we have to let things go sometimes … so that we are free to stop the worry and concentrate on the things that we can do to add light and value to the world.”

Despite the serious tone of Garrett’s approach, the “Let It Go” video shows how the band prefers a loose, relaxed vibe in the studio.

“Sometimes that just comes out pretty easy and other times it is challenging and may take several attempts to get it right,” he says of their recording process. “Being present in the music when it is going down is something we all strive for. To me it’s almost reminiscent of something spiritual.”

That’s fitting since parts of the video were filmed in an old church in Virginia that has stood for more than a hundred years.

Check out the Infamous Stringdusters’ insightful new video, “Let It Go.”