Will Kimbrough Steps Right Up on “Sideshow Love”


Will Kimbrough is one of the most expressive guitarists in the Americana realm. Whenever his name is listed in liner notes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like the record. And now his newest solo album, Sideshow Love, lets his personality shine through his songwriting, too.

“The songs I was culling combined elements of blues and country, and there was a vein of soul music running through a lot of them, which all made sense to me because I’ve always been eclectic, and I enjoy those styles a lot,” Kimbrough says. “Between that music and the Beatles is where I usually gravitate.”

Kimbrough produced and recorded the bulk of the album in his Nashville home studio, which lends a comfortable vibe to the proceedings. The vivid title track sets the scene with circus-like imagery, without making a joke out of it. In particular, I like Kimbrough’s sly delivery, sung from the perspective of that rare creature who’s deeply in love. Even more scandalous, she loves him back!

Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to Will Kimbrough’s “Sideshow Love.”