Liza Anne Captures Uncertainty of “The Colder Months”


Some of us just want to hibernate in the winter. For the songwriter Liza Anne, the season is inspiring.

“I think my ideal winter day consists of being snuggled into my sweet, little bedroom, listening to Feist on vinyl and catching up on letter-writing,” she tells CMT Edge. “I love the lazy beckoning of the winter — I always write the most then … songs, letters and poetry.”

That mellow mood weaves its way through “The Colder Months,” a highlight of her new debut album of the same name.

Asked about her frame of mind when she wrote the song, she replied, “Oh, man, I was just in such a place of uncertainty. I was a bit all over the place, emotionally speaking. So, one evening, I just sat down, and these words poured out. The songwriting wasn’t a fight at all. It all came out easily. I was stuck in a lot of insecurity in my feelings and wasn’t very trusting of myself to really love someone. I wasn’t sure if I just selfishly wanted them around to hold.”

Liza Anne, a songwriting student at Nashville’s Belmont University, worked with director and videographer Mikaela Hamilton to capture that feeling of uncertainty on film.

“We shot one early morning in Leipers Fork, Tenn.,” she says. “After shooting, I just gave Mikaela all creative control and her beautiful mind made what I envisioned truly realized. I loved what she did with the editing — all of the mirrored images and the way the whole music video rewinds. She truly captured the lyrics in a way I wasn’t sure was possible.”

Liza Anne will celebrate the release of The Colder Months at the High Watt in Nashville on Friday (Feb. 21). By the way, that cup in her publicity photo is more than just a coincidence. Along with her musical pursuits, she’s also a trained barista who follows the local coffee scene.

“My favorite coffee spot in Nashville, Crema, is a really lovely winter spot,” she says. “The windows get all fogged and cold, and everyone seems to be burrowed into the best conversations they’ve ever had. It’s intriguing.”

Enjoy Liza Anne’s “The Colder Months” on CMT Edge.