Concrete Country: The Wood Brothers Take Root


“If you get worried, what you ought to do is sing.” Those wise words come from the Wood Brothers, an eclectic combo that is next to impossible to describe. They draw on roots music, but they also have a soulful R&B feel, as on “I Got Loaded.” There’s a distinct jazz component to their arrangements, too, and you might pick up on a Willie Nelson influence in the way they explore rhythms and phrasing.

Rather than try to nail down the Wood Brothers – comprised of Chris and Oliver Wood with Jano Rix — it’s way more satisfying just to open your mind and listen. In keeping with the spirit of Concrete Country, but reluctant to brave the elements on a frigid night in downtown Nashville, our crew filmed the guys performing in the CMT loading dock.

All three songs come from the band’s newest album, The Muse. Check out “Sing About It,” “I Got Loaded” and the tasty groove of “Honey Jar.”