Noah Gundersen Stands Out on “Ledges”


Noah Gundersen didn’t assume the lead role in his new video, “Ledges,” but the rambling, wide-eyed kid is an appropriate substitute. Listening to Gundersen’s new album, also titled Ledges, it’s clear this 25-year-old songwriter is curious about the world around him.

Born in Centralia, Wash., Gundersen grew up in a strictly conservative, religious household where he wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music. Today, though, he considers himself a person who’s more interested in spiritual energy and the way it fuels his music.

Gundersen wrote the album after a period of what he calls “being single and reckless,” yet he tackles mature themes on Ledges. For example, the thoughtful title track is sung from the perspective of a man who has stacked the deck against himself, then stands on top of that deck, seeking a hand to steady him.

“Writing ‘Ledges’ was purifying for me,” he says. “In three verses, I was able to sum up exactly where I was in life … with no real answer but a declaration of hope and uncertainty.”

With help from his musically-inclined siblings Abby and Jonathan, Gundersen recorded the album in a Seattle studio owned by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard. Meanwhile, the touching video was shot around Nashville, a city that certainly knows something about introspection and second chances.

Take a look at Noah Gundersen’s “Ledges.”