The Black Lillies Drop the Hammer in “Smokestack Lady”


Based purely on the number of wheels on the main character’s truck, the Black Lillies’ “Smokestack Lady” is more than twice as country as any old song about a pickup.

The Americana band out of Knoxville, Tenn., is rolling out a new video for their big-rig foot-stomper written by band leader Cruz Contreras after returning home from a long tour.

“I got my guitar and started working on some wordy, deep bullshit song,” Contreras tells CMT Edge. “And I thought to myself: ‘Forget this. Just write something that you actually would want to hear and play.’

“My son and I have always had a bond over anything trucks. When he was younger, I drove for a stone company, and I’ve never been more of a hero in his eyes. He was proud of me because his daddy drove a truck. So I went with a simple concept that I knew something about. The song makes anybody in earshot feel good and it makes you wanna dance … win-win … truck-driving lover’s duet!”

Video director Ryan Newman came up with a fast-paced visual plot for the diesel-powered tune, complete with a would-be outlaw and a Smokey and the Bandit-style chase sequence. Contreras and bandmate Trisha Gene Brady even ended up doing a little acting — and you can tell they both enjoyed the experience.

“I’d like to make a video for every song,” says Contreras. “As far as acting advice, that’s the director. He’s on a tight schedule, so he tells you exactly what to do once and you get two chances to execute, then it’s time to move on. Cut!”

Enjoy the double-clutching fun of the Black Lillies’ new video, “Smokestack Lady,” from their album Runaway Freeway Blues.