Whiskey Myers Give “Home” Their Best Shot


Whiskey Myers kept “Home” in their back pocket for about a year, but it’s finally surfaced on their brand new album, Early Morning Shakes. When CMT’s Concrete Country taped the band in the parking lot of Stanley’s Famous BBQ in Tyler, Texas, last spring, the roots-rockers asked if they could play a few new tunes. Hey, cool with us.

The sultry groove of “Home” comes naturally to the band, whose members hail from the Palestine, Texas, area. One of their first-ever gigs was on the wooden porch at Stanley’s. In the years since then, their fans have grown to appreciate Whiskey Myers’ easygoing approach to making music.

“We don’t really plan anything,” singer Cody Cannon told us after the shoot. “We wing it a lot, especially about songwriting. We probably should write a certain song or a certain way to appeal to a certain demographic, but that’s kind of lame. It’s not natural. We try to stay as organic as we can. We just like to play music, and that’s what we do. And it comes out however it comes out.”

Check out the exclusive Concrete Country performance of Whiskey Myers’ “Home.”