The Farewell Drifters Arrive With “Modern Age”


The holidays can wear you out — and that applies to New Year’s Day, too. Despite the anxiety that Jan. 1 may bring, there’s also a sense of anticipation that goes along with those pesky resolutions. And that’s what you’re hearing on the Farewell Drifters’ “Modern Age,” the lead track from their brand new album, Tomorrow Forever.

Even as the Nashville-based band draws on its roots influences, its youthful energy remains intact. The new album also shows a mature perspective, probably due in part to the three-year gap since their previous full-length record. In an email exchange with CMT Edge, band members Joshua Britt and Zach Bevill shared the song’s origins, as well as their future plans.

CMT Edge: On “Modern Age,” you seem to be looking back and looking ahead at the same time. What was the inspiration or motivation to write the song?

Britt: This song was inspired by the feeling of being with someone and still feeling lonely. The year had just ended, and I was at a party and realized that I didn’t feel really close to anyone. It had been a crazy year of touring and closing myself off to write, and I felt like my personal life had slipped out from under me.

I was bothered by how well my friends like Zach were dealing with the pace of the modern life. I felt like I was missing something and got a bit depressed by it all. This song was inspired by an effort to figure out how to be happy in a world that I didn’t seem to fit into. I was sick of just working and waiting for life to get better. It is a song about just owning it and saying, “This year is our year, and nobody can take it away!”

To me, it’s an optimistic song. Do you feel that way, too? What is the message you’re hoping to send out in the song?

Britt: Yes, it is optimistic. I go back and forth in my personal life, but this song is meant to inspire a kind of bold optimism. I have a lot of issues dealing with self-doubt and darkness, but there is nothing that makes me feel better than hearing Zach raging that “This year is our year/Thank God, it’s here to stay!” line at a show. That’s how I want to feel all day, and that’s like a message to me right there. My hope is that someone else can feel that way after hearing it.

What lies ahead for the band in 2014? Have you set any goals or resolutions beyond that?

Bevill: We plan to be rich and famous. Ha … no, just kidding. Well, kind of, you know. We are touring all over the country this year, and we are super-pumped about taking this music to people all across the land. We’d also like to make another record and get it out a little quicker this time. And maybe buy a new van or something. Really, we just want to keep making music for as many people as we can and keep finding the light places in a world that feels dark sometimes. That’s what keeps us moving forward.